When working wireless is just GREAT!

14 Jan

When it comes to photography I always prefer to work wireless, it just makes life so much easier. This being the first post on this blog you will find me saying it over and over that I love working wireless. So this past weekend I was shooting images at Kirstenbosch Gardens in South Africa. There was an Anime Cosplay Picnic so I was assured of seeing interesting costumes and getting great shots.

I took the following gear with me which was my Nikon D7000 with an SB-910 speedlite, portable printer and my Nexus 7 tablet. a Feature of my D7000 which I love is the dual memory card slot, the first slot had a 16gb SD card saving all my RAW files and the 2nd card was a Sandisk 8gb wifi card which was saving the jpg images. The Sandisk card was sending the images to my tablet as I’m shooting so I had a nice 7″ screen to browse my images on without the need for crappy cables.


Where this workflow really helped alot was when I printed postcards on the portable printer. I was using pictbridge and that left me without a camera while the printer was busy. Now that I had the tablet with all the images on, I could continue to show people images and they could decide which ones they wanted me to print without needing the camera with a small screen to show them the pics. Now I only need to add a wifi portable printer and I’ll be on cloud 9:)

Now comes the question, was the wifi card easy to set up? Yes and no.

Included with the card is a reader. You need to first insert the card reader into your usb port. Then you install the software and register or sign up whatever you want to call it. Here I made a mistake. I registered and finalized the process but immediatly put the card into my camera missing one step which I will cover in a few seconds.

Then I installed the Eye-fi software on my Nexus 7 and I started shooting but nothing happened.

The mistake I made was not to set the card to send directly to the tablet without the need for a router. To fix that I just put the card back in the reader again and programmed the card to send directly to the tablet when it has jpgs ready to upload. That solved the problem and everything was working fine.

Battery life on the Nexus 7 was not that bad for the duration of 5+ hours I had the tablet downloading images every now and then. I think it took about 20-30% of battery power if I remember correctly.

Overall I can’t really complain about the card and everything worked great. The only thing that I must still look into is that on 2 occations during the day I waited for a minute or so before it started to transfer a bunch of pictures in one go.

Here are some of the shots I got.

Cosplay-148 Cosplay-145  Cosplay-113   Cosplay-153 Cosplay-152 Cosplay-150

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