Photoshop Elements for Everyone – Beginners (Training Video)

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“Photoshop Elements for Everyone” is for anyone with the need to improve their Photography. Even those happy snaps!

Anyone can use Photoshop very easily after following these easy step-by-step video’s.

We only show you the skills you will use, you will not sit through hundreds of hours of video footage.

Everything is split in to 16 easy to follow video’s covering the following:

∙ The Menu’s of Photoshop Elements
∙ Levels
∙ Hue Saturation
∙ Black & White Part 1
∙ Black & White Part 2
∙ Cropping for Prints
∙ Adding Canvas
∙ Cropping for Images displayed on screen
∙ Resizing for Images displayed on screen
∙ Straighten Horizons
∙ Removing Red Eyes
∙ Spot Healing Brush with Content Aware
∙ Healing Brush
∙ Smart Sharpen
∙ Typing (watermarks and the Free Transform Tool)
∙ Creating Borders

These videos were recorded using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 but will be compatible with newer and older versions.

To see the quality of this title please enjoy the following sample video on You Tube where we look at the first tool Levels.


After you’ve made your purchase you will get a link to download all the videos in HD quality (File size – 434mb) to watch as many times as you like.


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