Photoshop Elements for Everyone – Advanced (Training Video)

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In the Beginners Photoshop Elements for Everyone we looked at the tools needed to finish an image.

In the Advanced session you will start to work in layers, allowing you to work in a non-destructive workspace. If you make a mistake you can easily fix it without starting all over again. All the videos are step-by-step and easy to follow.

Everything is split into 10 easy to follow video’s covering the following:

∙ Using Levels on Layers
∙ Adding vignetting
∙ Non-destructive Dodge and Burn
∙ Adding a soft glow effect
∙ The Power of Layer Masking
∙ Painting back colour to a black and white image
∙ Hand painting a black and white image
∙ Blending Layers for a higher dynamic range
∙ Creating your first collage
∙ Creating a composite from multiple images

These videos were recorded using Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 but will be compatible with version 10 and higher.

To see the quality of this title please enjoy the following sample video on YouTube where we look at creating a soft glow effect.


After you’ve made your purchase you will get a link to download all the videos in HD quality (File size – 411mb)  to watch as many times as you like.


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