Lightroom for Everyone – Complete Workflow (Training Video)

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Lightroom makes editing and managing your files a breeze, but if you don’t understand the workflow you will find yourself lost between where your files are and when to save.

In this collection of videos (4 hours in total!) we look at the complete workflow:

1. Your Filing system (no more hours of searching for your pictures).
2. We discuss the catalog file which is crucial, if you loose that you loose all your work.
3. Importing our images into Lightroom.
4. Then we look at the Library module to manage our images.
5. Over 4 separate videos we look at the Develop module where all the magic will happen.
6. We then start to edit our images (90 minutes over 2 video’s).
7. Exporting our work to Hi-Res and Low-Res JPG’s.

These videos where recorded using Lightroom 5 but will be compatible with older and newer versions,




After you made your purchase you will get a link to download all the videos in HD quality. File size: 859mb (12 Files, 4 hours in duration)


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