Digital Photography Today Season Three (Full HD)

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The first two seasons of Digital Photography Today inspired many photographers to get off AUTO and become the masters of their camera. In season 3 we took the learning even further. We covered the following:

1. Lens care and when things go wrong
2. Manual focus
3. Resizing your images
4. Flower power with a black background
5. Bridge vs. SLR – Image Quality
6. HDR Photography Part 1
7. HDR Photography Part 2
8. Camera to Computer Workflow
9. Off Camera Flash Part 1
10. Off Camera Flash Part 2
11. Off Camera Flash Part 3
12. Tabletop Photography Part 1
13. Tabletop Photography Part 2
14. Basic of Time Lapse Photography

Over 4 hours of Full HD easy to follow content. Once you have made your purchase you will receive an e-mail with links to download all the videos (14 files with a total size of 3.94GB)

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