Combo Deal – Digital Photography Today Season 1-3

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The premiere episode of Digital Photography Today was on the 12th of November 2013. The first episode Program, the better Auto kick started a series of 42 episodes which helped countless people become better photographers. You can now own all 42 episodes to watch on your desktop pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone. For this combo deal you will receive 42 video files with a playtime of 745 minutes. You can download them directly to your device to save on expensive cell phone data when on the move. All for $39-00!

This combo deal includes:

1. Program the better Auto
2. How to Focus on a Subject
3. Exposure Compensation
4. Editing your first Image
5. White Balance
6. ISO
7. Let’s go on a game drive
8. Macro on a bridge camera
9. Black and White
10. Shooting High Speed Video
11. Shutter Speeds in detail
12. Tripods
13. Aperture
14. Filters
15. Photographic Lighting and Lenstag
16. Bracketing
17. Focus Problems
18. The Big One! Manual Exposure
19. What mode to shoot in
20. Night Photography
21. Flash on the Canon Powershot SX50HS
22. RAW vs. JPG
23. Shooting Wi-Fi with Eye-Fi
24. Cropping and Vignetting on Photoshop
25. Shooting a Self Portrait
26. Shooting a Panorama
27. Macro on the Cheap
28. Wide angle on the Cheap
29. Lens care and when things go wrong
30. Manual focus
31. Resizing your images
32. Flower power with a black background
33. Bridge vs. SLR – Image Quality
34. HDR Photography Part 1
35. HDR Photography Part 2
36. Camera to Computer Workflow
37. Off Camera Flash Part 1
38. Off Camera Flash Part 2
39. Off Camera Flash Part 3
40. Tabletop Photography Part 1
41. Tabletop Photography Part 2
42. Basic of Time Lapse Photography

42 Files with a size of 10.5GB


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